other aerial inspections

We provide many other aerial inspections for various service sectors such as : 

  1. Facility managers and Building Owners.
  2. Architects, Facade Consultants, Facade Installers and Developers.
  3. Contractors and builders. 
  4. Infrastructure Operators and owners.

1  . Facility managers and building owners. We can provide regular drone aerial inspections and aerial photography for your records. Your officers need not climb to dangerous heights to conduct building inspections. We can also provide the mandatory Facade Inspection as required by BCA.

2. For Architects, building facade consultants, building facade installers, developers. We can provide aerial photographs of your building facade after installation for your inspection and record.

3. For Contractors and Builders.     We can take aerial photographs of your construction site progress for your reporting, so you can concentrate on your construction work We can also provide drone aerial photographs of your installed building facades for your inspection and record, so that you know you have installed it correctly.

4. Infrastructure Owners and Operators.     We provide drone aerial photographs and drone aerial inspections of infrastructures such as roads, deep tunnels, bridges, elevated highways and etc. Instead of sending your staffs to the remote site, why not let us fly our drones to take the aerial photographs for you instead.

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