Why should I appoint your company?
For drone inspections services, we are the leading drone service providers. We have a strong technical team who are also building professionals to advise you on technical and building related matters. For aerial filming services, our pilots are passionate about aerial photography, aerial video and aerial filming. We have high expectations about our aerial filming and our product. We only use good quality cameras and stable gimbals to take the perfect aerial photographs and videos. Our images are high quality product that you can share proudly with others. We provide all the above at competitive rates that will make you our repeat customers. 

What makes you different from other drone service companies?
We are technically competent and passionate about drone flying, aerial photographs and aerial videos. We carry out our works seriously and we take excellent aerial photographs and videos that we are proud of. Anything less than what we promise, we will not charge you. 

Do we need a permit to fly a drone?
Yes, in Singapore, all commercial drone activities need an activity permit from CAAS. We will apply for an activity permit on your behalf from CAAS before commencing aerial filming.

Are your drone pilots licenced?
Yes, like all commercial drone pilots, all our drone pilots are licenced pilots who holds a permit from CAAS. 

How long will it take to receive an activity permit from CAAS?
Typically, CAAS would require about 2 weeks processing time to respond to an application for a drone activity permit for commercial purposes.

Do you provide customised drone services?
Yes, we do provide customised aerial photograph and aerial video services. Call 9712 4818 to speak to our drone consultant. We promise to customise a special drone service package for you. 

How to charge for your drone services?
We promise that our fees are competitive at a rate that will make you our repeat customers. Call our drone consultant to tell us your requirements. Call +65  97124 818  or email to jasperksh@gmail.com.

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