aerial filming

We provide aerial filming services for events and celebrations

We are passionate about drone aerial filming and we take aerial photographs and aerial videos of your special events like weddings, sports activities, school excursions, concerts, charity runs, mass gatherings and others. Any events that you consider special and worthwhile filming, we can provide the drone aerial filming to make your event especially memorable.

Having a drone to record aerial views of your special events give added flavour and add a special dimension to make your event really unforgettable. Especially for sports events, our drones can get closer to the action than a traditional photographer. A traditional photographer may not be able to fly into the sky, or glide over the sea to take exceptionally memorable aerial photographs. Our drones can follow the sports action in the air or over the sea without intruding into the event to give you that spontaneous footage. Click here to call us now for a no obligation discussion.

Our drones can fly out to the sea to capture aerial filmings of recreation events 
    Our drones can fly to out to sea to capture aerial photographs of sports actions
Our drones can capture aerial videos of important celebrations like your weddings.  Our drones can fly up to the sky to capture aerial photographs of your important events. 

Real estate marketing

For real estate marketing, drones make it possible to give you the attractive panaromic aerial view of your properties at much reduced cost. Meanwhile, we can zoom in to view close-up aerial videos on special features of your real estate to make it much more appealing to your potential customers.

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