A very big welcome to Fly Aerial Studio. 

We are a drone aerial photography and aerial videography company based in Singapore. We offer innovative aerial filming services to meet all of your aerial photography, aerial videography and related aerial works. We work with clients in Singapore and in this region. Our mission is to produce and deliver high quality aerial photographs and aerial videos at an affordable and competitive rate. We work within your budget, whatever it maybe, without compromising on quality that would make you keep coming back. 

Our drone pilots are  experienced, well trained and passionate on all things about drone and drone technology. They have extensive experience in drone aerial filming and drone aerial photography. We use the best available drones using latestr state of the art drone technology  that give you the best quality aerial photographs and aerial videos. We are available within short notice and promise to deliver high quality aerial photographs and aerial videos. 

Our services include Facility & Building Inspection and Events Aerial Filming

Facility and Building Inspection
Our drone pilots are also trained building professionals to take aerial photographs of your facility, builidng facades or other parts of your builidng. It could be a building facade, roofs, canopy, water tanks, tunnels, railway tracks, etc that you wish to inspect but you find it troublesome, unsafe or simply inaccessible. Or you have problems in accessing the building facades of your tall building that needs costly scafoldings. We would be happy to undertake all these aerial photography and drone aerial inspections for you at competitive rates. read more

We inspect building facades in private condominium

Our drones can fly up to inspect building facades with metal panel and glass

Events Aerial filming
We have a team who specialises in drone aerial filming services to take aerial photographs and aerial videos of special events like weddings, sport activities, school outings, concerts, corporate gatherings or any other important events. read more

Our drones can fly out to the sea to capture aerial photographs of wild life spontaneously.

Our drones can fly up to the sky to capture aerial photographs of your special adventures.
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