building facade inspection

By using our drone aerial inspection services, your inspectors need not climb up to dangerous heights to inspect your building or facilities. Our drones are ready to fly up your tall building, whichever height it may be. Our drones can access all your external building facades. No need to erect costly scafoldings, which are also troublesome. While inspecting your facility or building, our drone does not affect your business or operation. In fact, during our drone aerial filming, your office operation is not affected. Our pilots can fly both indoors and outdoors and our drone aerial filmings are fast, precise and absolutely safe.

We have the capability to conduct Building Facade Inspections, Infrastructure Inspections, Facility Inspections and also customized drone solutions.

1. Building Facade Inspections
Our Singapore government will soon implement legislation to make building facade inspections compulsory for most buildings. In Fly Aerial Studio, we have specially trained drone pilots to photograph your building facades. Our drones can prepare aerial photographs for you, giving you precise and high-resolution aerial photographs for submission to BCA. We also have accredited building facade inspectors (who is trained by BCAA how to conduct a building facade inspection) to conduct 100% visual inspection works and prepare a report in accordance with BCA requirements. We can conduct building facade inspections within short notice and prepare the necessary reports at a reasonable and affordable fee.

We are also building facade inspectors that can inspect building facades of HDB blocks  We conduct 100% visual inspection of building facades to BCA’s requirements. 
A typical office building facade consisting of glass and metal panels An industrial building facade consisting of glass, metals and concrete. 

2.  Customised Solutions
Yes, we know you have special requirements. Afterall, each and every of our flight missions are different. Each of our flight missions are customized to make each flight as efficient and productive as possibly can. No worries, whatever your requirements, just drop us a line or better still call our consultant, we are sure we can customize a solution for you. 

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